ANNOUNCEMENT The Museum is closed from 26 March 2020. A re-opening date will be announced on our website and social channels once confirmed.
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Were you at the Festival of Biodiversity? Relive it with us!

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Professor Rudolf Meier appointed as the inaugural Professor for the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Professorship of Conservation.

Reblogged from NUS Media Relations. Accomplished biologist Professor Rudolf Meier recognised for exceptional contributions in the area of conservation and biodiversity research The National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Science is pleased to announce that Professor Rudolf Meier from the University’s Department of Biological Sciences at the Faculty of Science and University Scholars Programme, has

Hwang Wei Song at the Biodiversity Research Symposium 2014

LKCNHM museum officer, Hwang Wei Song, gave a talk at the Biodiversity Research Symposium 2014 organised by NParks at the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Botany Centre. Wei Song spoke about the assassin bug (Reduviidae) research conducted by his students and himself on the diversity of this insect family in Singapore, as well as their natural history. Preliminary assessment shows a wide

We are on RazorTV

 RazorTV paid us a visit last month to document our preparations for the Big Move. Here are the videos giving you a sneak peak of how we are dealing with the gargantuan task of preparing to move more than half a million specimens of all sizes and conditions to our new home. It certainly is

LKCNHM Specimens at the Singapore Art Museum

Our conservator, Kate Pocklington, recently collaborated with artist, Lucy Davis, on two exhibits at the Singapore Art Museum as part of an exhibition—Unearthed. Unearthed contains exhibits by artists in Singapore that offer a look into how they as city dwellers view and respond to the natural world. The two exhibits that Kate was involved with are All