Upcoming Exhibition


Christmas Island RED

(From 19 December 2017)


An isolated tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island is biogeographically unique and famous for one of the great natural wonders of the world — the migration of millions of Christmas Island Red Crabs at the onset of the wet season. With at least 200 species of animals found only on the island and nowhere else on Earth, its rich biodiversity has attracted naturalists and researchers from around the world, including scientists from Singapore.

Christmas Island’s connection to Singapore goes a long way back, with a history of research on Christmas island fauna, such as its charistmatic crabs and birds, dating to as early as 1904. More recent museum expeditions have also yielded some interesting findings and new species such as the Blue Crab (Discoplax celeste) and cave crabs (Christmaplax mirabilis and Orcovita spp.).

Come and discover the diverse nature of Christmas Island — from the red and coconut crabs, to frigatebirds and booby birds — and learn about some of the threats it faces from invasive species and other anthropogenic activities.

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