Herpetological Collection


The collection of amphibians and reptiles at the Raffles Museum did not receive quite as much attention as the birds, mammals or fish. Nevertheless, they form the major focus of M. A. Smith’s and Norman Smedley’s publications in the 1930s.


Specimens have been obtained through the many expeditions mounted by the Museum to various parts of Southeast Asia, in particular the ones to Mount Kinabalu, Cameron Highlands, Natuna Islands and the Baram River.

Acquisitions of amphibians and reptiles have also been made through purchases, exchanges with other museums and the occasional donation. Of the former curators and directors, Michael Tweedie was perhaps the only one who was deeply interested in the reptiles, and published a number of papers on that subject. Today, the herpetological collection at the LKCNHM has received attention from herpetologists like Robert Inger, Harold K. Voris, Rob Stuebing, Djoko Iskandar, W. Auffenberg and Indraneil Das.

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