Molluscs Collection


The mollusc collection of the Raffles Museum was contributed mainly by R. Hanitsch and M. W. F. Tweedie. Tweedie collected a number of specimens from Christmas Island in 1932, and also made trips to the limestone hills of Malaya to collect snails.


These often microscopic limestone snails were sent to W. S. S. van Benthem Jutting, F. F. Laidlaw and J. R. le B. Tomlin for study. From these collections, they identified about 100 species of which over 70 (all endemic to specific limestone hills) were described as new in their publications. In the past, other contributiors to the mollusc collection include C. A. Gibson-Hill, N. Smedley, C. S. Ogilvie and E. R. Alfred. Recently, W. H. Ho, K. S. Tan (Tropical Marine Science Institute), H. K. Lua, C. M. Yang and the Reef Ecology Study Team (Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore) added fresh material to the LKCNHM collection. There is a collection of nudibranchs from L. M. Chou which includes type material. The LKCNHM now has about 35,000 specimens of some 1,200 species, including some type material.


Selected publications based on LKCNHM material
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A review of the land-snail fauna of Singapore

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A new species of Thais (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia

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Van Benthem Jutting, W. S. S., 1952
The Malayan species of Boysidea, Paraboysidia, Hypselostoma and Gyliotrachela (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Vertiginidae) with a catalogue of all the species hitherto described

Bulletin of the Raffles Museum, 24: 5-62

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