Herbarium (SINU)


At present, the herbarium has more than 30,000 flowering plant specimens (including 155 wet orchid specimens), 1,660 fern specimens, 700 moss specimens, 100 liverworts specimens and 1,235 marine algal specimens.


The collections focus mainly on the vascular and bryophyte floras of Singapore and Malaysia. Important collections include the 255 sheets of grass specimens annotated by Hamish Boyd Gilliland and the 100 moss specimens collected by Anne Johnson. Recently, ex NUS staff Dr Ian Mark Turner donated 2,500 voucher specimens of his collections cited in his floristic publications of selected localities in Malaya and Singapore. Other collectors of specimens preserved at SINU are H. Keng, J. F. Maxwell, Wee Y. C., Jumali bin Kafrawi, Haji Samsuri bin Haji Ahmad, Hugh T. W. Tan and Benito C. Tan.

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