Intertidal Field Study Workshop

(This workshop is temporarily unavailable. Do check back for updates.)

The field study workshops aim to educate students on the diversity of life in the natural environment in Singapore. It encompasses experiential learning through interactive guided walks and hands-on session. Educational materials will be provided for these workshops.

The intertidal field study workshop explores the diversity, ecology and dynamics of the marine ecosystem such as that found at Changi Beach Park, Pulau Semakau and St John’s Island. Participants get to experience nature through close observations of our seashore life in various habitats such as the sandy shore, seagrass meadow, and coral reef. Worksheets with thinking questions are given to participants to help them develop creative thinking in science.

Cost per pax: S$25-80 (depends on duration, content and venue)

Cost is inclusive of 7% GST, instructors’ fee, educational materials, use of equipment and coordinating fees.
Instructor to student ratio is 1: 15-20
Suitable for all levels of students. (The content can be customised to suit different levels of students. Workshops for teachers can also be conducted.)
Duration 2-6 hours (depending on venue)
Minimum group size: 40

For more information on field study workshops, please contact:

Ms Tammy Lim
Scientific Officer
Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
National University of Singapore