The Volunteer/Apprenticeship programme of the NUS Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

  1. Raffles Museum Public Gallery Guides - Public Gallery Guides enhance the visitor's understanding of biodiversity and conservation in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Besides school visits and NUS Open House, the team also opens up the Public Gallery on special occasions like public holidays, Saturday mornings and evenings.
  2. Public Exhibitions Team - this team sets up exhibiton during public events, bringing zoological specimens from the Raffles Museum and posters about our activities and education messages to public venues around Singapore.
  3. Kent Ridge/Pasir Panjang Heritage Trail - Three times a year, different versions of the trail is offered to the public starting from NUS or Kent Ridge Park to Bukit Chandu. During the walk, participants learn about the plants, animals, history and geogaphy of Kent Ridge, the southern islands and the Battle of Pasir Panjang.
  4. Pedal Ubin! - rides in Pulau Ubin which introduce the public to stories about the kampung plants, mangroves, secondary forests and famous stories of Ubin's residents such as the German Girl and the monk who walked from Thailand. Guides help with the recce, oversee safety, directions, help parents and kids, maintain communications and teach participants to handdle their bicycles and learn about Ubin's nature on wheels!
  5. Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk - Each December, we offer this special walk to celebrate Sungei Buloh's birthday - a team of experienced guides relate interesting stories from the mangroves and supplement them with with quizzes and corny jokes!
  6. International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) - An event held in September, volunteers tackle the beaches and mangroves of Singapore, categorising trash as they clean the beaches. The data is part of an international effort to build a picture of coastal pollution at a global scale. Volunteers are involved with coordintaing efforts in recces, marking transects, logistics, safety in mud and water, liasoning with schools, corportae groups and other government bodies.
  7. Populating the internet with the good stuff!
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