Supplement Series No. 18 (2008): i–ii, 1–264

MOLLUSCS OF EASTERN THAILAND: Proceedings of the International Marine Bivalve Workshop, Chantaburi, Thailand, August–September 2005, with contributions on other molluscan groups.

Editors: Rüdiger Bieler, Kashane Chalermwat, Paula M. Mikkelsen, Tan Koh Siang and Fred E. Wells.

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Contents. Pp i – ii. [pdf, 42 KB]

International Marine Bivalve Workshop 2005: Introduction and Summary. Rüdiger Bieler, Kashane Chalermwat , Paula M. Mikkelsenand Fred E. Wells. Pp 1–6. [pdf, 361 KB]

Species discrimination in seven species of Barbatia ( Bivalvia: Arcoidea) from Thailand with a redescription of B. grayana (Dunker, 1858). Antonio Agüera Garcia and Graham Oliver. Pp 7–23. [pdf, 1732 KB]

Mangrove-associated lucinid bivalves of the central Indo-West Pacific: Review of the “ Austriella” group with a new genus and species ( Mollusca: Bivalvia: Lucinidae). Emily A. Glover, John D. Taylor and Suzanne T. Williams. Pp 25–40. [pdf, 1675 KB]

Ecological importance of chemoautotrophic lucinid bivalves in a peri-mangrove community in Eastern Thailand. Erin Meyer, Bancha Nilkerd, Emily A. Glover and John D. Taylor. Pp 41–55. [pdf, 1271 KB]

Population study of Laternula truncata( Bivalvia: Anomalodesmata: Laternulidae) in the mangrove sand flat of Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand with notes on L. cf. corrugata. Robert S. Prezant, Chirasak Sutcharit, Kashane Chalermwat, Nopadon Kakhai, Teerapong Duangdeeand Pongrath Dumrongrojwattana. Pp 57–73. [pdf, 1547 KB]

Comparative ecology of two parapatric populations of Isognomon ( Bivalvia: Isognomonidae) of Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand. Cheewarat Printrakoonand Ilya Tëmkin. Pp 75–94. [pdf, 1527 KB]

Systematic, biogeographic and microhabitat-based morphometric variation of the bivalve Anomalocardia squamosa (Bivalvia: Veneridae: Chioninae) in Thailand. Peter D. Roopnarine, Javier Signorelli and Christopher Laumer. Pp 95–102. [pdf, 359 KB]

Siphonal structure in the Veneridae ( Bivalvia: Heterodonta) with an assessment of its phylogenetic application and a review of venerids of the Gulf of Thailand. André Fernando Sartori, Cheewarat Printrakoon, Paula M. Mikkelsen and Rüdiger Bieler. Pp 103–125. [pdf, 921 KB]

Plicatulostrea, a new genus of Plicatulidae from Thailand ( Bivalvia: Pectinoidea). Luiz Ricardo L. Simone and Vanessa Simão do Amaral. Pp 127–135. [pdf, 786 KB]

Comparative anatomical study of two species of Semele from Thailand ( Bivalvia: Tellinoidea). Luiz R. L. Simone and Claudia Heromy Guimarães. Pp 137–149. [pdf, 1328 KB]

Comparative morphological study of some Tellinidae from Thailand ( Bivalvia: Tellinoidea). Luiz Ricardo L. Simone and Samantha Wilkinson. Pp 151–190. [pdf, 4092 KB]

Coral-boring bivalve molluscs of Southeastern Thailand, with the description of a new species. Paul Valentich-Scott and Piyoros Tongkerd. Pp 191–216. [pdf, 1305 KB]

Growth of Chicoreus capucinus( Gastropoda: Muricidae) at Ang Sila, Thailand. Kashane Chalermwat and Fred E. Wells. Pp 217–223. [pdf, 285 KB]

Reproduction and growth of Littoraria ( Gastropoda: Littorinidae) at Ang Sila, Thailand. Kitithorn Sanpanich, Fred E. Wells and Yaowaluk Chitramvong. Pp 225–233. [pdf, 525 KB]

Mudflat predation on bivalves and gastropods by Chicoreus capucinus( Neogastropoda: Muricidae) at Kungkrabaen Bay, Gulf of Thailand. K. S. Tan. Pp 235–245. [pdf, 699 KB]

Distribution of molluscs in mangroves at six sites in the upper Gulf of Thailand. Cheewarat Printrakoon, Fred E. Wells and Yaowaluk Chitramvong. Pp 247–257. [pdf, 428 KB]

Assessment of three techniques for measuring the biodiversity of molluscs on rocky intertidal shorelines in eastern Thailand. Fred E. Wells, Kashane Chalermwat, Yaowaluk Chitramvong, Nopadon Kakhai, Sumaitt Putchakarn and Kitithorn Sanpanich. Pp 259–264. [pdf, 222 KB]