RBZ 57(2): 239–587. 31 August 2009

Editorial. P. i. [pdf, 27 KB]


The larva and puparium of the oriental Pegadomyia pruinosa Kertész, with a world list of the described Pachygastrinae larvae (Diptera: Stratiomyidae). Alena Bučánková, Damir Kovac and Rudolf Rozkošný. Pp. 239–249. [pdf, 472 KB]

Two new species of the genus Tachydromia Meigen (Diptera: Hybotidae) from Malaysia. Igor Shamshev and Patrick Grootaert. Pp. 251–254. [pdf, 39 KB]

Diversity of Chelipoda Macquart, 1823 (Diptera: Empididae: Hemerodromiinae) in northern Thailand with discussion of a biodiversity ‘hot spot’ at Doi Inthanon. Adrian R. Plant. Pp. 255–277. [pdf, 763 KB]

First inventory of the water bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha, Gerromorpha) of Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia. Herbert Zettel and A. D. Tran. Pp. 279–295. [pdf, 409 KB]

Four new species of Horaeomorphus Schaufuss from the Oriental region (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Scydmaeninae). P. Jałoszyski. Pp. 297–303. [pdf, 178 KB]

A checklist of spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) from Peninsular Malaysia inclusive of twenty new records. Y. Norma-Rashid and Daiqin Li. Pp. 305–322. [pdf, 65 KB]

Six new spiders from caves of northern Vietnam (Araneae: Tetrablemmidae, Ochyroceratidae, Telemidae, Symphytognathidae). Yucheng Lin , Dinh-Sac Pham and Shuqiang Li. Pp.323–342. [pdf, 1.1 MB]

Radiation of endemic species flocks in ancient lakes: Systematic revision of the freshwater shrimp Caridina H. Milne Edwards, 1837 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae) from the ancient lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia, with the description of eight new species. Kristina von Rintelen and Yixiong Cai. Pp. 343–452. [pdf, 6.3 MB]

Periclimenaeus nufu, a new species of shrimp (Crustacea: Decapoda: Pontoniinae) from Vietnam. Zdeněk Ďuriš, Ivona Horká and Dao Tan Hoc. Pp. 453–464. [pdf, 250 KB]

A new species of Thalassina (Crustacea: Decapoda: Thalassinidae) from Malaysia. Moh H. H. and V. C. Chong. Pp. 465–473. [pdf, 341 KB]

A new species of Macrophthalmus Desmarest, 1823 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Macrophthalmidae) from Bohol Island, the Philippines. Jose Christopher E. Mendoza and Tohru Naruse. Pp. 475–480. [pdf, 120 KB]

Oysters (Bivalvia: Ostreidae and Gryphaeidae) recorded from Malaysia and Singapore. Katherine Lam and Brian Morton. Pp. 481–494. [pdf, 522 KB]

Aiteng ater, new genus, new species, an amphibious and insectivorous sea slug that is difficult to classify [Mollusca: Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia: Sacoglossa(?): Aitengidae, new family]. Cornelis (Kees) Swennen and Somsak Buatip. Pp. 495–500. [pdf, 325 KB]

Betta pardalotos, a new species of fighting fish (Teleostei: Osphronemidae) from Sumatra, Indonesia. Tan Heok Hui. Pp. 501–504. [pdf, 287 KB]

Rasbora patrickyapi, a new species of cyprinid fish from Central Kalimantan, Borneo. Tan Heok Hui. Pp. 505–509. [pdf, 290 KB]

Chaetodontoplus poliourus, a new angelfish (Perciformes: Pomacanthidae) from the Tropical Western Pacific. John E. Randall and Luiz A. Rocha. Pp. 511–520. [pdf, 581 KB]

A new bandfish, Owstonia sarmiento (Pisces: Perciformes: Cepolidae: Owstoniinae), from the Philippines with a key to species of the genus. Yun-Chih Liao, Rodolfo B. Reyes Jr. and Kwang-Tsao Shao. Pp. 521–525. [pdf, 91 KB]

New species and new records of Bornean frogs (Amphibia: Anura). Robert F. Inger and Robert B. Stuebing. Pp. 527–535. [pdf, 257 KB]


Possible extinctions of dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore. Janice S. H. Lee, Yat Ka Cheung, Lan Qie and Johannes Huijbregts. Pp. 537–542. [pdf, 119 KB]

Ontogenetic shifts in carapace patterning and/or colouration in intertidal and subtidal brachyuran crabs. Peter A. Todd, Wenjie Qiu and Kwek Yan Chong. Pp. 543–550. [pdf, 91 KB]

Vertical zonation and heat tolerance of three littorinid gastropods on a rocky shore at Tanjung Chek Jawa, Singapore. Su-Li Lee and Shirley S. L. Lim. Pp. 551–560. [pdf, 114 KB]

Space use and habitat selection of house crows in a tropical urban environment: A radio-tracking study. Haw Chuan Lim and Navjot S. Sodhi. Pp. 561–568. [pdf, 97 KB]

Projected climate change effects on nuthatch distribution and diversity across Asia. Shaily Menon, M. Zafar-ul Islam and A. Townsend Peterson. Pp. 569–575. [pdf, 202 KB]

Observations on the ecology, distribution and biogeography of forest birds in Sabah, Malaysia. Frederick H. Sheldon, Haw Chuan Lim, Jamili Nais, Maklarin Lakim, Augustine Tuuga, Peter Malim, Jaffit Majuakim, Albert Lo, Menno Schilthuizen, Peter A. Hosner and Robert G. Moyle. Pp. 577–586. [pdf, 91 KB]


 Corrigendum. Ngoc-Ho, N. & M. de Saint Laurent. P. 587. [pdf, 24 KB]
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