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Last Hunting-seeking Survey for Project Semakau
19 Jun 2011

Project Semakau had its last major survey trip over two days from 18-19 Jun 2011.

The survey at the main shore on 18 Jun saw 13 HSBC volunteers and 22 school and public volunteers, while 14 HSBC volunteer and 13 school and public volunteers stayed overnight for the survey at the northern shore on 19 Jun 2011.

A small team of NUS botanists also helped to survey the coastal forest plants on 18 Jun afternoon and 19 Jun morning.

On 18 Jun, the volunteers arrived on the island at 5am in the morning, but it started raining. Fortunately, the weather improved and the volunteers managed to carry out the survey successfully. The survey was done on the northern side of the main shore.

The volunteers had some free time in the afternoon for some recreational activities, while the plant survey was carried out by the NUS staff. A barbeque dinner was provided at night.

On 19 Jun morning,the volunteers surveyed the northern shore nearer to the Pulau Sakeng.

The volunteers eventually departed the island at 11am.

A locally critically endangered plant, Xylopcarpus rumphii, was recorded for the first time on the island with the discovery of a young plant.
Photos by Casey Ng, Arial Lim, Remus Koh, Chai Weili, Wang Luan Keng and Ron Yeo.