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Rhizophora stylosa
Bakau Pasir
Kingdom : Plantae
Division : Magnoliophyta
Class : Eudicots
Order : Rhizophorales
Family : Rhizophoraceae
Genus : Rhizophora
Species : R. stylosa
Generic Name : Mangrove Plants
Common Name(s) : Bakau Pasir
Bakau Pasir is a mangrove tree with prop roots. Leaves are opposite, oblong-elliptic, with cork warts (black dots) below. Stipules yellowish green. Flowers 2-14 in a forking inflorescence on a long, slender yellow stalk. Seeds viviparous. Hypocotyl warty, with pointed tip and can grow to 60 cm long. Size: 8-20 m tall.
Mangrove Forest