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Project Semakau is a joint community initiative by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) of the National University of Singapore (NUS), and HSBC Singapore, supported by the National Environment Agency of Singapore and volunteers from RMBR, various schools and the public.

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

RMBR has its origins in the Raffles Museum which was founded in 1849. Established on 1 October 1998, the Museum is built on the academic strengths of various faculty and postgraduate researchers, and has conducted numerous conservation biology, ecology and systematics research work in the region. It also plays an active role in public education. Leading volunteers in the documentation of Pulau Semakau's rich biodiversity adds a new dimension to getting the schools and public involved in conservation for the Museum.
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HSBC Singapore
The HSBC Group's history in Singapore dates back to 1877 when its founding member, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, opened its first branch. Today, HSBC has 11 branches incorporating 5 Premier centres and 34 automated teller machines in Singapore. A qualifying full bank, HSBC in Singapore offers a comprehensive range of services including personal and commercial banking, investment and private banking, insurance, forfaiting and trustee services, securities and capital markets services.
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National Environment Agency
Formed on 1 July 2002, the National Environment Agency (NEA) is the leading public organization responsible for improving and sustaining a clean and green environment in Singapore. The NEA develops and spearheads environmental initiatives and programmes through its partnership with the People, Public and Private sectors. Being the authority managing Semakau Landfill, NEA will provide the necessary transportation support and usage of the amenities on the island.
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Our Volunteers
Apart from RMBR volunteers and HSBC Green Volunteers, we also have volunteers from the public, undergraduates from NUS and NTU, and secondary school students from Broadrick Secondary School, Dunman High School and the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science helping out in Project Semakau.
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Our Research Partners
This research project is also supported by various departments and centres in NUS. The Butterfly Circle which surveys the butterfly species found on the island; the research methodology is developed jointly with scientists from the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI); high quality aerial photographs are provided by the Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP); students and staff from the Geography Department is assisting in the production of a detailed map of Pulau Semakau and monitoring the physical geographical developments.
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