Family Serpulidae "plume worms"

Distribution: Pulau Ayer Chawan, Pulau Semakau, Singapore River, Sungei Punggol, Kallang Basin, Sungei Buloh
Serpulidae Serpulidae Serpulidae
Serpulidae The serpulids are commonly known as "plume worms" due to a conspicious frilly plume emerging from the opening of the tube. They are sedentary and constructing their calcareous tubes on hard substrates. Their tubes differ from the sabellids in that it is a blind tube with water drawn and out only through the anterior opening. Thus, they can form important fouling communities on shipsí hulls, pier pilings, etc. They are filterfeeders using their fan of radioles to filter plankton from the water column. The radioles serve as both a nutritive and respiratory function. Serpulids are able to colonize hostile environment due to the protection offered by their tubes.

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