Family Pectinariidae "trumpet worms" or "ice cream cone worms"

Distribution: Pulau Semakau, Sungei Punggol

trumpet shaped pectinariidae

The pectinariid is a deposit feeder and constructs a chimney-shaped tube which is mostly buried in the sand. The tube is quite free and may be constructed from sand grains, sponge spicules, foraminiferan shells and shell fragments. Each piece is carefully aligned so that the tube has an overall smooth surface. It is cylindrical and slightly curved like a hollow tusk or conical in shape. Thus they are known as "trumpet worms" or "ice cream cone worms". Only the open tip of the tube projects above the sand surface. The worm uses the thick fleshy operculum and numerous flattened setae to burrow. Behind these is a mouth surrounded by grooved tentacles to gather food particles and construct the tube. The worms are commonly found in shallow waters with soft mud to fine sand bottoms, or even coral rubble.

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