A Computer Based Taxonomic Tool for The Identification of Polychaetes

Designed and Developed by
Lim Yun Ping
Reef Ecology Laboratory
National University of Singapore

Welcome to EPIC-online.

EPIC-online is a computer based information retrieval system for the identification of polychaete families found in the Singapore waters. EPIC-online stands for Easy Polychaete Identification Classification Online. The characteristics of the polychaete families are stored in a database. The user provides information on key characteristics of the sample by filling up an online questionnaire presented by the computer. EPIC-online will then attempt to identify the pol ychaete up to family level based on the information in the database. The interface to EPIC-online is designed to be web based, thus making it user friendly and easily accessible via Internet. The main database engine for EPIC-online is written as a CGI using PERL.


Having established that the need for taxonomic information based on the specimens being examined, a tool which could identify the described specimens and display information of the identified polychaetesí habitats, distribution and mode of feeding needs t o be set up. The identification of the taxon is only to the family level and is based on the description of the specimen. EPIC-online is a database engine to retrieve taxonomic information from a database using the internet. The world wide web has the potential to allow researchers all over the region to access to the system and use it to identify the families found in Singa pore waters.

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