Family Amphinomidae "FIREWORMS"

Distribution: Pulau Semakau, Sungei Punggol, Kallang Basin, Singapore River

calcareous setae bristleworm Amphinoids are also known as "fireworms" and they have a calcareous setae filled with poisonous secretions. When irritated, they erects their sharp setae which break off at a touch releasing their poisonous contents into the wound. Most species are found on corals, rocks and other hard substrata covered with attached organisms. They swim well and are brilliantly colored. They are more active at dusk and dawn and less during midday. Most of the amphinomids are sluggish carnivores feeding and use their proboscis to browse on coral polyps, sponges, anemones, hydroids and ascidians. They lack jaws but have cushion like lips and evaginable buccal cavity to suck out their prey juices. Their hooked neurosetae form an efficient clinging organ. The 2 species found in Singapore include
  • Chloeia flava
  • Eurythoe complanata

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