1. Javan pipistrelles at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  2. Striped panchax at Jurong East. [pdf]
  3. Roadkill green iguana at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  4. Clouded monitor lizard eating snail. [pdf]
  5. Fishes, shrimps and aquatic molluscs observed at Singapore Quarry. [pdf]
  6. Spotted sand-diver at Changi. [pdf]
  7. Polychaetes in the diet of the Commerson’s sole. [pdf]
  8. Wagler’s pit viper at Lim Chu Kang. [pdf]
  9. Golden gliding snake at Marina South. [pdf]
  10. Apparent courtship behaviour of the house wolf snake. [pdf]
  11. Speckle-headed whip snake at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  12. Long-tailed macaques and mushrooms. [pdf]
  13. A probable yellow-headed temple terrapin at Venus Drive. [pdf]
  14. Defoliation of sentul tree by atlas moth caterpillars. [pdf]
  15. Assassin bug feeding on millipede. [pdf]
  16. A gathering of brahminy kites at Tanah Merah. [pdf]
  17. Hybrid tilapia at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  18. A Fly River turtle in MacRitchie Reservoir. [pdf]
  19. Smooth-coated otters and green chromide at West Coast Park. [pdf]
  20. Great billed and grey herons at West Coast Park. [pdf]