1. Second recent record of a white-spotted cat snake in Singapore. [pdf]
  2. Indian cuckoo feeding on caterpillars. [pdf]
  3. Himalayan vulture at Toa Payoh. [pdf]
  4. Interaction between an adult and a juvenile slender squirrel. [pdf]
  5. Malayan water monitor preying on changeable lizard. [pdf]
  6. Gelatinous zooplankton found around Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  7. Recent sightings of shoulder-spot wrasse in Singapore waters. [pdf]
  8. Golden orb web spider with ectoparasitic biting midges. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  9. Black-headed collared snakes at Mandai and Kranji. [pdf]
  10. Andromorphs of the Sultan dragonfly. [pdf]
  11. Cardinalfishes of the genus Taeniamia off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  12. Mangrove pit-vipers at Pasir Ris and Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  13. Three records of king cobra in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  14. Gold-lined sweetlips in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  15. Large congregation of yellowfin needlefish at Harbourfront. [pdf]
  16. Sweet-potato bugs infesting sea morning glory at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  17. East Asian ornate chorus frogs at Lorong Halus. [pdf]
  18. New Singapore record of nudibranch genus Aegires. [pdf]
  19. King cobra at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  20. Blue-rumped parrots feeding on starfruit. [pdf]
  21. An albino lesser dog-faced fruit bat. [pdf]
  22. New Singapore record of nudibranch Sakuraeolis kirembosa. [pdf]
  23. New Singapore record of the nudibranch genus Godiva. [pdf]
  24. Mosquitoes feeding on many-lined sun skink. [pdf]
  25. Mobbing of red-tailed racer by squirrels and macaques. [pdf]
  26. Congregation of hairy sea hares at Changi Point. [pdf]
  27. Juvenile knobbly sea stars on Singapore shores. [pdf]
  28. Asian soft shell turtle at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  29. Cavite cardinalfish from Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  30. Barred buttonquail at Coney Island. [pdf]
  31. King quail road kill at Bedok Reservoir Park. [pdf]
  32. New Singapore record of nudibranch Trapania caerulea. [pdf]
  33. New Singapore record of sea slug Placida cremoniana. [pdf]
  34. First record of greenhouse frog in Singapore. [pdf]
  35. Brook’s house geckos at Admiralty Park. [pdf]
  36. New Singapore record of nudibranch Hypselodoris tryoni. [pdf]
  37. Giant snakehead in saltwater at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  38. Rediscovery of the lesser sheath-tailed bat on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  39. New Singapore record of the nudibranch Aegires villosus. [pdf]
  40. New Singapore record of the sea slug Odontoglaja mosaica. [pdf]
  41. Common Malayan racer at Ulu Simpang Kiri. [pdf]
  42. Short-limbed supple skink at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  43. Humpback grouper off Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  44. Malayan flying fox over MacRitchie. [pdf]
  45. Five-banded flying dragon at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  46. Hole fishing for Sunda swamp-eel. [pdf]
  47. Bizarre death of a reticulated python at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  48. New Singapore record of Wassink’s cardinalfish. [pdf]
  49. Elongate surgeonfish off Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  50. New record of reticulated dascyllus in Singapore. [pdf]
  51. Owlet moth Cyclodes omma larvae feeding on fruit of fishtail palm. [pdf]
  52. More Malayan flying foxes over MacRitchie. [pdf]
  53. Brown land crab Cardisoma carnifex in Singapore. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  54. House wolf snake preying on flat-tailed gecko. [pdf]
  55. Birds feeding on waringin figs in West Coast Park. [pdf]
  56. Oriental pied hornbill preying on changeable lizard. [pdf]
  57. Long-tailed macaques eating apple snails. [pdf]
  58. Smooth-coated otters hunting at Marina South Gardens. [pdf]
  59. Malayan tapir at Changi North. [pdf]
  60. Ruddy breasted crakes at Marina South. [pdf]
  61. Stung by a longspine waspfish. [pdf]
  62. Bluespot shrimp-goby off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  63. Banded leaf monkey feeding on seed pods of rain tree. [pdf]
  64. Starry pufferfish with barnacles in its gut sold for food in a market. [pdf]
  65. Haas’s bronzeback at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  66. Fishes observed at MacRitchie Reservoir. [pdf]
  67. Javan pipistrelle at Punggol. [pdf]
  68. Aggregation of Tytthosoceros lizardensis flatworms at Beting Bronok. [pdf]
  69. Plantain squirrels at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  70. Saddled shrimp-goby At Sentosa. [pdf]
  71. Leea angulata at Seletar Country Club: new locality record for Singapore. [pdf]
  72. Pearly-banded bees Nomia incerta nesting in flower pots at Pasir Ris. [pdf]
  73. Whip spiders of the genus Sarax in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. [pdf]
  74. Marbled bent-toed gecko at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  75. Behn’s damselfish in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  76. Shelled sacoglossa from Lazarus and Saint John’s Islands. [pdf]
  77. Aquatic vertebrates observed at Kent Ridge Park. [pdf]
  78. Recent records of lancelets from Singapore. [pdf]
  79. Brown land crab Cardisoma carnifex on Pulau Ubin. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  80. Synchronous emergence of cicadas at Labrador Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  81. Blue Bronzeback at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  82. Orange-cheeked waxbills at Bishan. [pdf]
  83. Banded leaf-monkeys crossing road. [pdf]
  84. Aquatic organisms observed at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  85. Green chromides spawning at Sentosa. [pdf]
  86. New record of stick insect Trachythorax maculicollis in Singapore. [pdf]
  87. Dead snakes and skink at Upper Peirce. [pdf]
  88. Common treeshrew at Bedok. [pdf]
  89. A megamerinid fly of the genus Texara at Labrador Park. [pdf]
  90. Possible courtship behaviour of the giant mudskipper. [pdf]
  91. Paper wasp Ropalidia sumatrae nest in Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  92. Masked burrowing crab Gomeza bicornis at Sentosa. [pdf]
  93. Forest snakeheads attacking Malayan forest softshell turtle. [pdf]
  94. A mangrove crab Perisesarma fasciatum at Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  95. Smooth-coated otter preying on African moony in Marina Reservoir. [pdf]
  96. Oriental small-clawed otters on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  97. New record of the creeping plant Evolvulus nummularius in Singapore. [pdf]
  98. Three-striped palm civets feeding on cauliflory figs. [pdf]
  99. The marine snail Pisania ignea off Pulau Senang. [pdf]
  100. Crested honey buzzard eating honeycomb at Pasir Ris. [pdf]
  101. Grey bonnet preying on sand dollar at Changi. [pdf]
  102. Red-breasted parakeets eating golden penda fruits. [pdf]
  103. Sexual dimorphism in shortnose boxfish sold for food. [pdf]
  104. Male brown anoles displaying at Gardens by the Bay. [pdf]
  105. Sumatran spitting cobra eating Malaysian wood rat at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  106. Whip spider and whip scorpion on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  107. New record of flower urchin Toxopnesustes pileolus in Singapore. [pdf]
  108. Thunder crabs Myomenippe hardwickii feeding on seahare and stingray. [pdf]
  109. Recent record of black-spined murex at Pulau Sudong. [pdf]
  110. First Singapore records of Emarginella incisura and Indomodulus tectum. [pdf]
  111. Smooth-coated otter interacting with banded file snake. [pdf]
  112. Green iguanas at Kranji Reservoir. [pdf]
  113. Fishes, shrimps and aquatic snails observed at Kranji Marsh. [pdf]
  114. Lesser dog-faced fruit bats making tent on ornamental plant. [pdf]
  115. A climbing perch at Lim Chu Kang. [pdf]
  116. Wrestling behaviour of black-eyed litter frogs. [pdf]