1. New record of robust ribbon-goby in Singapore. [pdf]
  2. Partially eaten tilapia discarded by smooth-coated otters. [pdf]
  3. Dwarf reed snakes on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  4. Leopard cat in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  5. Malayan porcupine in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  6. Greater mousedeer in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  7. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus temasek in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  8. Land snail Hemiplecta humphreysiana in Western Catchment Area [pdf]
  9. An intertidal beetle at Lazarus Island [pdf]
  10. Blue-striped angelfish and longfin bannerfish from Singapore [pdf]
  11. Mayan and midas cichlids in West Coast pond. [pdf]
  12. Land snails Sarika resplendens feeding on frog carcass. [pdf]
  13. Black-and-gold huntsman spider Thelcticopis sp. on Pulau Tekong. [pdf]
  14. Malayan water monitor walking with raised tail. [pdf]
  15. Swamp crab Pseudosesarma bocourti on Pulau Tekong. [pdf]
  16. Black scorpion Heterometrus longimanus on Pulau Tekong. [pdf]
  17. Leopard cat in Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  18. Banded tripefin at Pulau Pawai. [pdf]
  19. Nape-banded coral goby from Terumbu Berkas. [pdf]
  20. Kopstein’s bronzeback eating painted bronzeback. [pdf]
  21. Juvenile king cobra at Mandai. [pdf]
  22. Chinese striped-neck terrapin at Sungei Buloh. [pdf]
  23. Günther’s frog at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  24. Bluestreak cleaner wrasse off Big Sister Island. [pdf]
  25. Malayan swamp skink Sphenomorphus sp. at Sime forest. [pdf]
  26. Five-banded flying dragon at Mandai. [pdf]
  27. First record of East Asian ornate chorus frog on Singapore Island. [pdf]
  28. A juvenile large-footed Myotis bat at Punggol. [pdf]
  29. Smythea lanceata at Mandai mangroves. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  30. Green-spotted goby at West Coast marsh pond. [pdf]
  31. Lantern bug Laternaria oculata at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  32. Estuarine crocodile scavenging on carcass of domestic cat. [pdf]
  33. Antagonistic interaction between plantain squirrel and Tanimbar corella. [pdf]
  34. Shrew-faced squirrel at Bukit Timah. [pdf]
  35. Banded file snake at Sembawang beach. [pdf]
  36. Barred kukri snake at eastern MacRitchie. [pdf]
  37. Singapore bent-toed gecko swimming underwater. [pdf]
  38. Spotted wood owls at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  39. A pair of mating octopuses. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  40. New record of blue-spotted pufferfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  41. Louse flies (Hippoboscidae) on a young rock pigeon. [pdf]
  42. Sunda slow loris at Mandai. [pdf]
  43. Red-tailed racer at Mandai. [pdf]
  44. Green iguana at Sungei Tengah. [pdf]
  45. Banded leaf-monkeys at Lower Peirce forest. [pdf]
  46. New record of ornate slippery goby Lubricogobius ornatus in Singapore. [pdf]
  47. New record of flower cardinalfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  48. Striped keelback eating Asian toad. [pdf]
  49. Cuban slider and common cooter at MacRitchie Reservoir. [pdf]
  50. Slingjaw wrasse in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  51. New record of bluefin trevally in Singapore. [pdf]
  52. Common treeshrew at Burgundy Crescent. [pdf]
  53. Brown anole at Bishan. [pdf]
  54. Black-headed collared snake at Upper Peirce Reservoir Park. [pdf]
  55. Manthey’s chorus frog at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  56. Orangefin wrasse at Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  57. Globe urchin in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  58. Parasitoid wasp Brachymeria sp. ovipositing on a dipteran larvae. [pdf]
  59. Freshwater leech at Mandai. [pdf]
  60. New record of the volitans lionfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  61. Mating millipedes Chondromorpha xanthotricha at Punggol Park. [pdf]
  62. Long-tailed macaque at Sungei Serangoon Park Connector. [pdf]
  63. Two additional fish records from Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  64. A white-crested laughingthrush in a canteen at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  65. Slender peacock bass and motoro stingray from Lower Peirce Reservoir. [pdf]
  66. Golden gliding snake at Lim Chu Kang. [pdf]
  67. Sunda pangolins crossing road at Upper Peirce. [pdf]
  68. Brown-banded bamboo shark off Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  69. Pacific golden plovers in breeding plumage at Serangoon Reservoir. [pdf]
  70. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus temasek at western Mandai. [pdf]
  71. Freshwater leech brooding behaviour. [pdf]
  72. Apparent mimicry of marine flatworm and nudibranch. [pdf]
  73. New record of the black-spotted rockskipper blenny in Singapore. [pdf]
  74. Sunda pangolin at Upper Bukit Timah Road. [pdf]
  75. Red jungle fowl at Fort Canning Park. [pdf]
  76. Interaction between two spotted keelback snakes. [pdf]
  77. White nut sheath bubble shell Atys naucum at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  78. Ramose murex Chicoreus ramosus spawning at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  79. First record of bubble snail Limulatys okamotoi in Singapore. [pdf]
  80. Skeletal remains of a pig-nosed turtle in Tampines Quarry. [pdf]
  81. Carcass of snapping turtle at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  82. Terrapins in the Symphony Lake of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  83. Humpback grouper at Chek Jawa. [pdf]
  84. Rainbow mud snake at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  85. A record of the white banded bubble Hydatina albocincta in Singapore. [pdf]
  86. Knobbly seastar on the shores of Tanah Merah. [pdf]
  87. New Guinea flatworm Platydemus manokwari in Singapore. [pdf]
  88. Red-breasted parakeets at Yew Tee estate. [pdf]
  89. Red-breasted parakeets eating rambutan. [pdf]
  90. New record of nudibranch Dermatobranchus fortunatus in Singapore. [pdf]
  91. Red pacu at Punggol Reservoir. [pdf]
  92. Pastel-green wrasse in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  93. Smoky damselfish off Pulau Satumu. [pdf]
  94. New record of nosestripe sandperch in Singapore. [pdf]
  95. Smooth-coated otters at MacRitchie Reservoir. [pdf]
  96. Antagonistic behaviour of African walking catfish at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  97. Asian softshell turtle at Mandai west. [pdf]
  98. Brown anoles mating at Marina Bay. [pdf]
  99. New Guinea flatworm, Platydemus manokwari, at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  100. New record of auger shell, Triplostephanus triseriatus, in Singapore. [pdf]
  101. A smooth-coated otter at Changi. [pdf]
  102. Juvenile mangrove whip-ray at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  103. Records of Singapore cardiomya, Cardiomya singaporensis. [pdf]
  104. A record of Singapore keyhole limpet, Diodora singaporensis. [pdf]
  105. King cobra attacking reticulated python. [pdf]
  106. King cobra roadkill at Upper Peirce. [pdf]
  107. Smooth-coated otters at Tuas. [pdf]
  108. Long-tailed macaque juveniles following a painted bronzeback. [pdf]
  109. Motoro stingray in stream at Lorong Banir. [pdf]
  110. Spawning aggregations of waved mitre snails, Pterygia undulosa, at Changi. [pdf]
  111. Rediscovery of the hermit crab, Dardanus hessii, in Singapore. [pdf]
  112. Chinese striped-neck terrapins at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  113. Chaophraya giant catfish at Marina Reservoir. [pdf]
  114. New record of brick seamoth in Singapore. [pdf]
  115. New record of the nudibranch Doridomorpha gardineri in Singapore. [pdf] [corrigendum]
  116. Probable breeding pair of grouper. [pdf]
  117. Elongate surgeonfish in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  118. Blacktip reef sharks caught in trammel nets at Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  119. New record of the featherstar Cenometra bella in Singapore. [pdf]
  120. Black cardinalfish in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  121. A Fly River turtle at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  122. Giant mudskipper preying on crab-eating water snake. [pdf]
  123. Marine animals caught in trammel nets at Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  124. Additional fishes observed at Bishan Park. [pdf]
  125. Copper-throated sunbird preying on spider. [pdf]
  126. Red egg crab releasing larvae. [pdf]
  127. Asian arowana from Banir stream with note on its gut contents. [pdf]
  128. Flathead goby at Lower Peirce Reservoir. [pdf]
  129. New record of the polychaete Tylonereis bogoyawlenskyi in Singapore. [pdf]
  130. Chinese striped-neck terrapins at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  131. Marine flatworms at Seringat Kias. [pdf]
  132. Winged argonaut shell at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  133. Tree Snail Amphidromus atricallosus perakensis at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  134. Gold-ringed cat snake at Lower Peirce forest. [pdf]
  135. Green iguana at Burgundy Crescent. [pdf]
  136. Indo-Pacific tarpon leptocephali from Pasir Panjang. [pdf]
  137. Sperm whale tooth at Pulau Subar Laut. [pdf]
  138. Records of Lamellaria snails in Singapore. [pdf]
  139. Juvenile map pufferfish in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  140. Sabah grouper in Singapore. [pdf]
  141. The moth Erebus macrops at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  142. New records of two hesionid polychaetes from the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  143. Batfishes off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  144. New record of Celebes flathead in Singapore. [pdf]
  145. Eastern cowtail stingray in eastern Johor Strait. [pdf]
  146. Winged sea slugs at Marina Bay. [pdf]
  147. New record of ringed pipefish in Singapore. [pdf]
  148. Green turtle carcass showing sign of boat strike at Selat Pandan. [pdf]
  149. Variable squirrel feeding on green ebony. [pdf]