1. The climber Gymnanthera oblonga at East Coast Park. [pdf]
  2. Oriental white-eye nesting at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  3. Spotted reef crab at Pulau Tekukor. [pdf]
  4. Blue bronzeback at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  5. Non-native fishes observed in marsh pond at West Coast Park. [pdf]
  6. Copper-cheeked frog and four-lined tree frog in amplexus. [pdf]
  7. Gray’s leaf insect at Venus Drive forest. [pdf]
  8. Russell’s lionfish in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  9. Lesser whistling duck family at Pandan canal. [pdf]
  10. Striped bronzeback neonates at Upper Peirce. [pdf]
  11. Asian arowana in Pangsua pond. [pdf]
  12. Malayan brown snakes at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  13. A record of Stomatella impertusa in Singapore. [pdf]
  14. Spotted keelback at Venus Drive. [pdf]
  15. Big-eye green whip snake at Venus Drive. [pdf]
  16. Dark-spotted numbfish neonate at Changi Beach. [pdf]
  17. Variable reed snake swallows earthworm. [pdf]
  18. Asian arowana in Nee Soon swamp forest. [pdf]
  19. Semicircle angelfish from Tuas. [pdf]
  20. Malayan giant frog at the Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  21. Zebra spiny-eel and slender walking catfish in Lorong Banir stream. [pdf]
  22. Black marsh terrapin on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  23. Three-striped palm civet at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  24. Blacktip reef sharks at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  25. Scrawled filefish at Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  26. Asian arowana at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  27. Schultz’s pipefish off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  28. Beaded sea-snake at Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  29. Possible rodent and avian predation of tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus perakensis. [pdf]
  30. Some myriapods from Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  31. Malaysian giant terrapin at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  32. Last instar caterpillar of orange tiger moth, Asota egens. [pdf]
  33. Blackspot shark at eastern Johor Straits. [pdf]
  34. Striped sun skink at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  35. Oriental scops owl on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  36. Beaded sea-snake at Changi Beach. [pdf]
  37. Golden gliding snake at Shenton Way. [pdf]
  38. Tree-climbing behavior of the land snail Hemiplecta humphreysiana. [pdf]
  39. Coral cat-sharks at eastern Johor Straits. [pdf]
  40. Hardwicke’s woolly bat at Lower Peirce forest. [pdf]
  41. Striped tree skink at Dairy Farm Nature Park. [pdf]
  42. Frilly gecko at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  43. Elegant bronzeback at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  44. Keel-bellied whip snake at NTU Jurong Campus. [pdf]
  45. Harlequin cockroach Neostylopyga rhombifolia at Kovan. [pdf]
  46. Indian star tortoise at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  47. Longspine razorfish at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  48. Group of ten smooth-coated otters at Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  49. Yellowbelly dottyback courtship behaviour. [pdf]
  50. A jade-green cicada at suburban Upper Bukit Timah. [pdf]
  51. Jasper cat snake roadkill at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  52. Twin-barred gliding snake preying on spotted house gecko. [pdf]
  53. Aggregation of two species of demoiselle fishes at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  54. A twin-barred gliding snake’s failed attempt to prey on gecko. [pdf]
  55. Dead juvenile spiny terrapin at Sime forest. [pdf]
  56. New record of sea-slug Odontoglaja guamensis in Singapore. [pdf] [Corrigendum, pdf]
  57. The mangrove pebble crab Philyra malefactrix at Kranji. [pdf]
  58. Dwarf reed snake at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]]
  59. New record of the nudibranch Nembrotha livingstonei in Singapore. [pdf] [Corrigendum, pdf]
  60. New record of the nudibranch Trapania vitta in Singapore. [pdf]
  61. Hooded pitta at Sime forest. [pdf]
  62. Crested serpent eagle preying on oriental whip snake. [pdf]
  63. New record of intermediate flounder in Singapore. [pdf]
  64. Stellar rockskipper blenny at Big Sister Island. [pdf]
  65. Some fishes in a stream at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  66. Malayan colugo at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  67. New record of nudibranch Trapania euryeia in Singapore. [pdf]
  68. Non-native fishes at inlet of Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  69. American bull frogs at inlet of Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  70. Congregation of Oriental river gobies at Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  71. Spawn of the saddleback anemonefish. [pdf]
  72. Banded Malaysian coral snake at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  73. Colour forms of the midas cichlid. [pdf]
  74. Javan pipistrelle at Paya Lebar. [pdf]
  75. A hive of black dwarf honeybees at Kent Ridge campus. [pdf]
  76. New record of Kuiter’s dragonet from Singapore. [pdf]
  77. Masked rough-sided frog at Holland Woods. [pdf]
  78. New record of the Horsfield’s large-footed myotis in Singapore. [pdf]
  79. Striped keelback on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  80. Freshwater crab Parathelphusa maculata at Holland Woods. [pdf]
  81. Blue Malayan coral snake biting orange-bellied ringneck. [pdf]
  82. Freshwater sponge at Marina Bay South Gardens. [pdf]
  83. Snakes of Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  84. Malayan forest softshell turtle at Sime forest. [pdf]
  85. Spotted dove fledglings’ boisterous feeding behaviour. [pdf]
  86. Malayan colugo at Mandai Lake Road. [pdf]
  87. A juvenile sunbeam snake. [pdf]
  88. Green iguana at Kovan. [pdf]
  89. New record of white-faced pipefish in Singapore. [pdf]
  90. Crested honey buzzard mobbed by house crow. [pdf]
  91. First record of Nassarius biendongensis from Singapore. [pdf]
  92. New record of the nudibranch Tambja sagamiana in Singapore. [pdf]
  93. The snake pennywort Geophila repens at Mount Faber Park. [pdf]
  94. Common palm civet at Bukit Gombak. [pdf]
  95. Life stages of the Malayan giant frog on Bukit Gombak. [pdf]
  96. Juvenile flatfish at Keppel Bay Marina. [pdf]
  97. Horned crinoid crab in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  98. Cone snail Conus recluzianus at Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  99. Threadfin sandperch off Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  100. A xanthic giant African land snail at Bukit Gombak. [pdf]
  101. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus temasek at Chestnut forest. [pdf]
  102. Juvenile spiny terrapin at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  103. Hammerhead flatworm Bipalium cf. vagum in Singapore. [pdf]
  104. Malayan freshwater shrimps attacking forest halfbeak. [pdf]
  105. Puff-faced water snakes at Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  106. New record of nudibranch Goniobranchus collingwoodi in Singapore. [pdf]
  107. Colour forms of the tapestry turban snail in Singapore waters. [pdf]
  108. Parasitic copepods infesting Cavite cardinal fish. [pdf]
  109. A blue button at Sisters Islands. [pdf]
  110. Rasbora notura at Lorong Banir stream. [pdf]
  111. Siberian thrush at Kent Ridge campus. [pdf]
  112. New record of triplebar razorfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  113. Redclaw crayfish at Mandai Lake Road. [pdf]
  114. Swallowtail moths Lyssa zampa mating. [pdf]
  115. Metamorphosis of the swallowtail moth Lyssa zampa. [pdf]
  116. African sailfin flying fish in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  117. Singapore black tarantula from Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  118. Barred kukri snakes at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  119. Swallowtail moths puddling beside forest streams. [pdf]
  120. Lesser whistling duck family at West Coast Park marsh pond. [pdf]
  121. Swallowtail moths probing tembusu flowers at Saint John’s Island. [pdf]
  122. White’s tree frogs at Lim Chu Kang. [pdf]
  123. A congregation of grey herons at Tengeh Reservoir. [pdf]
  124. Riau viviparous brotula at Pulau Sekudu. [pdf]
  125. Three non-native fishes in stream at Lorong Banir. [pdf]
  126. The cockroach Symploce quadripunctata at Bukit Timah forest. [pdf]
  127. Asian leaf terrapin at Lower Peirce. [pdf]
  128. Flathead goby at Rifle Range forest. [pdf]
  129. Coral cat-shark at Chek Jawa. [pdf]
  130. Longspine sea urchins with commensal fish and shrimps. [pdf]
  131. Spiny terrapins in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  132. Naked bulldog bat from Sembawang. [pdf]
  133. Lesser bumblebee goby in Upper Seletar Reservoir. [pdf]
  134. Gray’s leaf insect on Pulau Ubin. [pdf]
  135. New record of many-eyed flounder in Singapore. [pdf]
  136. Asian brown tortoise in Nee Soon swamp-forest. [pdf]
  137. White-spotted eagle ray at Tanah Merah. [pdf]
  138. Confirmed occurrence of the collare butterflyfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  139. Banded file snake at Pasir Ris mangroves. [pdf]
  140. Banded wolf snake at Chestnut forest. [pdf]
  141. Sambar at Mandai. [pdf]
  142. Sunda pangolin at Mandai. [pdf]
  143. Cave nectar bat at Mandai. [pdf]
  144. Gold-ringed cat snake at Mandai. [pdf]
  145. Black marsh terrapin at Mandai. [pdf]
  146. Brown Spiny Rat carcass at Chestnut forest. [pdf]
  147. Spot-tail sleeper-rays in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  148. Irrawaddy dolphin carcass at East Coast beach. [pdf]
  149. The burrowing cockroach Panesthia angustipennis at Chestnut forest. [pdf]
  150. Eight-spotted crab-spiders at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. [pdf]
  151. Giant Asian pond terrapin at Springside estate. [pdf]
  152. Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin carcass at East Coast beach. [pdf]
  153. Broad-banded velvetchin in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  154. Common Malayan racer at Kent Ridge. [pdf]
  155. Hammerhead flatworms at Bukit Batok Nature Park. [pdf]
  156. Banded file snakes at Pasir Ris mangroves. [pdf]
  157. Tree snail Amphidromus inversus at Tyersall forest. [pdf]
  158. Dog-toothed cat snake at Ulu Sembawang. [pdf]
  159. The forest cockroach Dorylaea heinzei in Singapore. [pdf]
  160. Silver demoiselle in the Singapore Straits. [pdf]
  161. Native fishes at the West Coast Park marsh pond. [pdf]
  162. Pink-headed reed snake at Venus Drive forest with a note on its bite. [pdf]
  163. Black-bearded flying dragon at Kampung Trail. [pdf]
  164. Striped sun skink basking at Thomson Ridge. [pdf]
  165. Tokay at Mandai. [pdf]
  166. Malayan water monitor lizards at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  167. Brown tree skinks at MacRitchie forest. [pdf]
  168. Paradise gliding snake carcass at urban Choa Chu Kang. [pdf]
  169. Unidentified wood-feeding fungus in a Melaleuca cajuputi tree. [pdf]
  170. Three species of termite in a Melaleuca cajuputi tree. [pdf]
  171. Macromphalus styliferina, a marine microsnail at Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  172. Egg brooding behaviour of the spot-tail frogfish. [pdf]
  173. Kendall’s rock gecko at Thomson Ridge. [pdf]
  174. Russell’s lionfish at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  175. A collection of fishes from a lagoon at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  176. Giant clam shells ‘graveyard’ at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  177. Spiny terrapin scavenging on a bat carcass. [pdf]
  178. Humans as potential disperser of the arboreal snail Helicarion perfragilis. [pdf]
  179. A tick-infested reticulated python. [pdf]
  180. Giant Asian pond terrapin at Venus Drive forest. [pdf]
  181. Marbled cone snail at Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  182. White-bellied blind snake at Ulu Sembawang. [pdf]
  183. Cockroach feeding on termites. [pdf]
  184. Probable predation of crab-eating water snake by common palm civet. [pdf]
  185. Last instar moult of dead leaf cockroach Pseudophoraspis nebulosa. [pdf]
  186. Red-eared slider in Hougang canal. [pdf]
  187. Haas’s Bronzeback at Venus Loop. [pdf]
  188. Chinese softshell turtle at Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  189. Tomato anemonefish off Lazarus-Seringat Island. [pdf]
  190. Australian cockroach at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  191. An apparently mating pair of whip-scorpions. [pdf]
  192. Basket star in the eastern Johor Straits. [pdf]
  193. Orange mud-crab at Pasir Ris mangrove. [pdf]
  194. Marbled gudgeon at Holland Woods. [pdf]
  195. Asian softshell turtles at Lower Peirce forest. [pdf]
  196. Black snakeheads at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. [pdf]
  197. Malaysian giant terrapin at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  198. Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins off Lazarus Island. [pdf]
  199. Scissors-tail rasbora at Bukit Timah. [pdf]
  200. Pearl danio at Mandai. [pdf]
  201. Spotted wood owl at Clementi Woods. [pdf]
  202. Nesting of two species of resin bees (genus Megachile) in a wooden bench. [pdf]
  203. Sunda slow loris carcass along Mandai Road. [pdf]
  204. Sunda pangolin carcass at Upper Thomson Road. [pdf]
  205. Sunda colugo carcass at Bukit Drive. [pdf]
  206. New Singapore record of sea slug genus Noalda from Pulau Hantu. [pdf]
  207. Flagfin wrasse at Terumbu Semakau. [pdf]
  208. Bearded leatherjacket from Changi. [pdf]
  209. Malayan water monitor lizards wrestling at Botanic Gardens. [pdf]
  210. Peninsular rock gecko at Venus Drive. [pdf]
  211. Slender peacock bass at Lower Peirce Reservoir. [pdf]
  212. Sumatran palm civet at Grange Road. [pdf]
  213. Singapore rat carcass at Old Upper Thomson Road. [pdf]
  214. Olive tree skink roadkill at Old Upper Thomson Road. [pdf]
  215. Moon wrasse off Kusu Island. [pdf]
  216. Blue-tailed dartfish sharing burrow with shrimp and goby. [pdf]
  217. Melibe nudibranchs at Semakau Landfill. [pdf]
  218. New record of the tasselled blenny in Singapore. [pdf]
  219. Tree snail Amphidromus atricallosus perakensis on an invasive Acacia tree. [pdf]
  220. Another case of human-assisted dispersal of the snail Helicarion perfragilis. [pdf]
  221. New record of the blackwater mud snake in Singapore. [pdf]
  222. A food item of the blackwater mud snake. [pdf]
  223. Chinese mitten crab at West Coast marsh pond. [pdf]
  224. African snail Limicolaria flammea at Upper Seletar. [pdf]
  225. Successful hatching of red-eared sliders in Singapore. [pdf]
  226. Paradise gliding snake in an apartment at Hillview. [pdf]
  227. New record of mimic octopus in Singapore. [pdf]
  228. A gravid dwarf bumblebee catfish. [pdf]
  229. Kusu rock crabs at Pulau Senang. [pdf]
  230. Commensal animals of a soft coral tree in the Singapore Strait. [pdf]
  231. New record of sea slug Chelidonura amoena in Singapore. [pdf]
  232. New record of nudibranch Nembrotha lineolata in Singapore. [pdf]
  233. Banded leaf-monkeys at Upper Thomson. [pdf]
  234. An apparently mating pair of Wagler’s pit-viper. [pdf]
  235. New record of peninsular bent-toed gecko in Singapore. [pdf]
  236. Blackspot sergeant at Sisters Island. [pdf]
  237. Lagoon shrimp-goby at eastern Johor Straits. [pdf]
  238. New record of doubletooth soldierfish in Singapore. [pdf]
  239. Janss’ pipefish at Pulau Pawai. [pdf]
  240. Second record of the smooth slug snake in Singapore. [pdf]