John Ascher Assistant Professor John S. Ascher
Systematics of Hymenoptera especially Apoidea, i.e. bees and related wasps.
Tel: 6516 1683, E-mail:
Assistant Professor L. Roman Carrasco
Ecological Economics
Tel: 6601 1145, E-mail:
Professor Chou Loke Ming
Marine biology and coastal management.
Reef Ecology Laboratory
Tel: 6516 2696, E-mail:

Dr Amy Choong Mei Fun
Environmental Biology
Tel: 65162707, E-mail:

Associate Professor Li Daiqin
Arachnology and insect ethology.
Behaviour Ecology and Sociobiology Lab
Tel: 6516 4372, E-mail:
Dr. Lim Lek Min, Matthew
Tel: 6516 4740, E-mail:
Associate Professor Antónia Monteiro
Evolution and development of butterfly wing patterns
Tel: 6601 2108, E-mail:
Dr. Ng Ngan Kee
Tel: 6516 2969, E-mail:
  Assistant Professor William H. Piel
Biodiversity and phylogeny informatics; spider systematics
Tel: 6601 3356, E-mail:
Assistant Professor Frank E. Rheindt
Evolutionary biology, speciation dynamics, genetic introgression, especially in birds
Tel: 6516 2853, E-mail:
Mr. Sivasothi N
Mangrove Ecology and Otters
Tel. 6516 8869, E-mail:
Associate Professor Tan Teck Koon
Diversity and biology of fungi
Mycology Laboratory
Tel: 6516 2855, E-mail:
Associate Professor Tan Tiang Wah, Hugh
Conservation biology, restoration ecology and plant systematics.
Plant Systematics Lab
Tel: 6516 2717, E-mail:
Assistant Professor Peter Alan Todd
Coral Ecology
Tel: 6516 1034, E-mail:
Vinod Kumar Saranathan Assistant Professor Vinod Kumar Saranathan
Evolutionary photonics, sexual selection, evolutionary ornithology, biophotonics, biomimetics
Tel: 6601 5313, E-mail:
Associate Professor Edward Webb
Tel: 6516 4184 , E-mail:
Assistant Professor Darren Yeo
Crab Taxonomy
Tel: 6516 2709, E-mail: