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The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology is a journal of Southeast Asian Zoology published by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. The journal bore three different names in its history, mirroring the changing (and almost disastrous) fate of the zoological collection. The history of the zoological collection can be read here


65rbz15 65rbz18

Discovery of an overlooked Helicarionid land snail (Helicarionidae: Durgellinae) from northeastern Thailand, with description of a new genus and new species, and note on radula morphology and genital system.

Chanidaporn Tumpeesuwan & Sakboworn Tumpeesuwan


A new species of the genus Hippolyte (Decapoda: Caridea: Hippolytidae) from Singapore.

Zhibin Gan & Xinzheng Li



65rbz16 65rbz17

Distribution range and extinction risk of tree snail subgenus Amphidromus (Pulmonata: Camaenidae) in Thailand

Sravut Klorvuttimontara, Chanidaporn Tumpeesuwan & Sakboworn Tumpeesuwan

Mushroom corals (Fungiidae) in the Davao Gulf, Philippines, with records of associated fish and other cryptofauna.

Arthur R. Bos & Bert W. Hoeksema