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The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology is a journal of Southeast Asian Zoology published by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. The journal bore three different names in its history, mirroring the changing (and almost disastrous) fate of the zoological collection. The history of the zoological collection can be read here


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A new species of Tritetrabdella (Hirudinida: Hirudiniformes: Haemadipsidae) from northern Indochina.

Takafumi Nakano, Ekgachai Jeratthitikul, Tao Thien Nguyen & Somsak Panha


Macrobrachium spelaeus, a new species of stygobitic freshwater prawn from Thailand (Decapoda: Palaemonidae).

Yixiong Cai & Chavalit Vidthayanon



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Nesting ecology and nest site selection of green-legged partridge.

Tiwa Ong-in, Andrew J. Pierce, George A. Gale, Stephen J. Browne & Tommaso Savini

Notes on the life history of Harpactes whiteheadi (Aves: Trogonidae), with a description of the juvenile plumage

Paul van Els, Vivien L. Chua, Ryan C. Burner, Mustafa Abdul Rahman, Frederick H. Sheldon