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For many Singaporeans over the age of 40, memories of the old National Museum invariably linger over the exhibit of its blue whale skeleton. Unfortunately in 1974, Singapore gave this iconic whale to Malaysia.

By a twist of fate, an adult female sperm whale, 10.6 m in total length, was washed up on Singapore's shores on 10 July 2015. This is the first record of a sperm whale in Singapore’s waters. We now have a whale to truly call our own again! A find like that will come just once in a lifetime and it happened this year, the year of Singapore’s 50th anniversary. It is an opportune gift to the people of Singapore. We have our Jubilee Whale!

The staff of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum has been working tirelessly for the past few weeks to secure this sperm whale for Singapore. Our scientists have collected tissues, gut contents and other parts for future research. Most significantly, we have recovered the complete skeleton. To set up a world-class exhibit centered on this Jubilee Whale and to build a solid education, research and conservation programme around it, will require financial resources. We need your support to achieve this.

We hope you will donate generously to this Jubilee Whale project. Donations will go towards preparation, restoration, mounting, exhibition, and maintenance of the whale. And to increase environmental awareness by supporting associated education, research, conservation and other activities.

If the total gifts received exceed the project cost, the balance will be added to the LKCNHM Endowment Fund which will provide the Museum with a sustainable resource.

In recognition of donations of $5,000 and above, donors will be listed on a special Jubilee Whale Donors’ Plaque.

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