Life from Headwaters to the Coast: Tanjung Datu National Park, Where Borneo Begins. Mustafa Abdul Rahman, Andrew Alek Tuen and Indraneil Das, 2015. Natural History Publications (Borneo), Kota Kinabalu, 126 pages. ISBN: 978-983-812-164-4.

This is a medium-sized 250 × 176 mm soft cover book, with a photograph of a Great Argus in Tanjung Datu National Park gracing the front cover and a montage of various flora and fauna found in the park on the back.

Tanjung Datu National Park, located at the western-most tip of Sarawak, is the smallest national park in Sawarak. Although small, the park encompasses lush rainforests as well as pristine white beaches, clear waters and coral reef formations. The flora and fauna composition of Tanjung Datu National Park is equally diverse. The park’s dipterocarp forest is home to the Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, and also an impressive number of bird species, including seven species of hornbills. The sandy beaches of the national park are also important nesting grounds for Green, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill turtles.

This book publishes the results of a park survey organised by Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and the Sawarak Forestry Corporation and funded by the Niche Research Grant Scheme by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. It is divided into 5 key sections: Botany, Invertebrates, Herpetology, Birds and Mammals and Human Dimensions.

The book, filled with photographs, makes for easy reading and forms a good baseline study for any future studies at Tanjung Datu National Park. This is a must read for all nature enthusiasts who are curious about the biodiversity of Tanjung Datu National Park, as well as a useful reference material for any future research work in the park.