Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Michael W. F. Tweedie


Michael Wilmer Forbes Tweedie joined the Raffles Museum in 1932 as Assistant Curator. Between 1932 and 1941, he was curator under F. N. Chasen, and following the retreat of the Japanese invaders after the Second World War, became the first post-war Director of the museum in 1946. He was involved in many expeditions around Southeast Asia and collected many specimens. During his tenure at the Raffles Museum, Tweedie published numerous scientific articles on a variety of animals, especially crustaceans, fish and reptiles. He had an interest in crabs, especially those in the mangroves. He discovered and described many new species of crabs from Singapore and Southeast Asia. Tweedie also studied reptiles and published The Snakes of Malaya in 1953. In addition to these reference works, he wrote books such as Common Malayan Birds to encourage non-specialists in the study of natural history. Tweedie retired in 1957 after serving the museum for 25 productive years.


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