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Benito C. Tan


Dr. Ben C. Tan studies the taxonomy, systematics, evolution and conservation of East Aisatic and Malesian moss diversity for more than 30 years. He also is interested in the taxonomy of Philippine fern flora, especially the group of Selaginella. He has conducted numerous expeditions to collect and document the diversity of mosses in many countries in Asia and North America. As a result thereof, he has published more than 200 technical publications in various international journals and written several chapters in books on Asiatic mosses.  
Dr. Tan is a member of the Committee on Nomenclatures on Bryophyta of the International Association of Plant Taxonomists (IAPT), and a member of the Committee on Conservation of Mosses of International Association of Bryoplogists (IAB). He is an adjunct researcher at RMBR of NUS and at the University Herbarium of the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Tan is member of Editorial Board of several international bryological journals.

He is currently an Adjunt Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore.


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