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Peter Ng Kee Lin


Prof. Peter Ng Kee Lin wears many hats; he is first and foremost an eminent freshwater field biologist, one who is an internationally recognised scientific authority on freshwater crab taxonomy and conservation. At the National University of Singapore (NUS), he heads a research team in the Systematics and Ecology Laboratory, concurrent with his role as Director of both the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and the Tropical Marine Science Institute. Prof. Ng received his Bachelor of Science degree (Honours) from NUS in 1983, thereafter attaining a Diploma in Education at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in 1985. After completion of a Doctor of Philosophy (Zoology) from NUS in 1990, Prof. Ng stayed on to teach, first as a lecturer (1990–1994), then as a senior lecturer (1994–1998), and presently a Professor.

Over the years, Prof. Ng has bagged numerous awards, including the Singapore National Youth Award (Excellence in Science and Technology), National Youth Movement, People's Association (1993); the National Science Award 1995, National Science & Technology Board, Ministry of Trade and Development; and the ASEAN Young Science and Technologist Award, ASEAN Science and Technology Ministers, 4th ASEAN Science Ministers Meeting, Bangkok (1995).

Prof. Ng’s research interests encompass the systematics and ecology of crabs (Indo-West Pacific), larval development and ecology of crabs and crustaceans, and freshwater fish taxonomy and ecology (Southeast Asia).

Please click here for Prof. Ng's curriculum vitae.

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