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Falcataria moluccana (Miq.) Barneby & J.W.Grimes

Species:F. moluccana
Common Names:Albizia
Status:Exotic. Naturalised. Cultivated.


Formerly known as Albizia falcataria.

A fast growing tree that can reach 30 m tall, it has a massive trunk and an open crown. Because of the rapid growth, the wood is soft and branches tend to collapse during storms. Leaves are twice pinnate compound, 15-30 cm long with 8-12 or more pairs of side-stalks and the upper ones with 15-18 pairs of leaflets. Leaflets small, 12 x 6 mm, slightly curved, oblong, asymmetric, the midrib near the upper margin. Flowers are small, crean-white, faintly fragrant and occurs singly on the branches of the inflorescence. Pods are thin, 10-14 x 2 cm, thinly woody, splitting to display the many seeds that remain attached to the split pods.

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Found throughout Singapore and its offshore islands.

Human Uses

The soft wood is used for matches and as a pulp for paper making when mixed with stronger wood. The tree is used as shade for coffee, tea and other crops.


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