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"Feeding Diversity in Nematodes"

Wasim Ahmad
Department of Zoology
Aligarh Muslim University

Thursday, 4th September 2003: 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Seminar Room 3
Blk S2 Level 2, Department of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science
The National University of Singapore
Science Drive 4

Visitors may park at Carpark 10
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Host: Darren Yeo

Nematodes constitute one of the most abundant groups of organisms in the animal kingdom. Their adaptability to diverse ecological conditions has resulted in their diverse occurrence. They are highly diversified, perhaps the most numerous of multicellular animals on the earth. Like insects, they are found in almost all types of biotypes and occur in unimaginable numbers in wide variety of shapes, sizes and structures. Generally, nematodes are free living in marine or fresh water or in soil. They occur at the bottom of lakes, rivers, at enormous depth in the oceans and in all types of soil. Some species can survive temperature below freezing point while others live in the water of hot springs and still others can withstand complete dryness on the surface of rocks during hot summers, reviving again with the onset of rainy season. A large number of species are parasites of different kinds of plants and animals. The parasitic species are of considerable agricultural, clinical and veterinary importance as pests of plants and parasites of livestock. The greatest apparent morphological diversity of nematodes can be seen in their lip region, stoma, the pharynx, i.e., the structures closely related to particular feeding habits. This talk will showcase the diversity of feeding modes and structures that have helped to make the nematodes such a successful group. 


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