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PhD Defense Seminar cum Oral Exam
Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore

All are welcome!

"The Systematics of the Torrent Loaches (Balitoridae: Gastromyzon, Hypergastromyzon and Neogastromyzon) of Borneo"

Tan Heok Hui
Department of Biological Sciences,
National University of Singapore.

Tuesday, 5th August 2003: 3.00pm

DBS Conference Room
Blk S3 Level 5, Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore
Science Drive 4

Visitors may park at Carpark 10
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About the Talk

The systematics of the genera Gastromyzon, Hypergastromyzon and Neogastromyzon of the family Balitoridae (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) are revised. All three genera are endemic to Borneo, although there are superficially similar taxa in Indochina and southern China. The Bornean genera possess a high count and enlarged size in the pectoral and pelvic fins, fused pelvic fins and dorso-ventrally flattened bodies. They occur in the headwater and hillstreams, in fast-flowing water over a rocky substratum. All type material of the 13 known species of Gastromyzon are re-described and split into 11 species groups based on morphological characters, with another 23 new taxa discovered. The identities of the two known species of Neogastromyzon are clarified and four new species described. The genus Hypergastromyzon is also examined. The biogeography of the dorso-ventrally flattened balitorid fishes is discussed, and the ecology and biology of these balitorids is also reviewed.

Phylogenetic analyses using morphology and the 12S rRNA region of mtDNA were conducted to investigate the phylogenetic relationships between 18 genera of balitorids - Barbatula, Balitora, Crossostoma, Gastromyzon, Glaniopsis, Hemimyzon, Homaloptera, Homalosoma, Liniparhomaloptera, Nemacheilus, Neogastromyzon, Neohomaloptera, Protomyzon, Pseudogastromyzon, Schistura, Sewellia, Sinogastromyzon and Vaillantella, using Psilorhynchus (Cyprinidae: Psilorhynchinae) as the outgroup. The analyses show that Gastromyzon and Neogastromyzon belong to the same clade and most of the species groups presently recognised within Gastromyzon are natural. A new classification for the Balitoridae is proposed and the dorso-ventrally flattened body form is believed to have evolved independently in Balitoridae at least twice.


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