2004 Archive of the
Meetings of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club

Department of Biological Sciences, The National University of Singapore

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Meetings of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club, 2004

Ilse Bartsch - "Mites (Acari) in the marine littoral, an introduction". 6 October 2004

Chou Wen-Hao - "Amphibians of Taiwan ". 16 September 2004

NUS Student Volunteers - "Stories from India, Australia and Thailand". 12 August 2004

Peter Todd - "Phenotypically plastic responses of two reef-building corals". 24 June 2004

UROPS Students, DBS - "Mangrove Studies in Kranji Mangroves". 4 June 2004

Adam A. Pack- "Are Humpback Whales both Competitive and Choosy?". 26 May2004

Søeren Toft - "Nutritional Ecology of Generalist Predators". 19 May 2004

Ian G. Warkentin- "Riparian habitat as refuge; avian conservation in disrupted landscape". 3 May 2004

Ng Heok Hee - "Fishing in the shadows of the Himalayas". 27 April 2004

Tamas Szekely - "Sexual conflict and parental care in the Kentish plover". 25 February2004

Daniel Simberloff - "Halting the Homogeocene: We can stop introduced species!". 13 February2004

N. Sivasothi - "Heritage in our backyard - the sorties of Kent Ridge". 11 February2004

Gray A. Williams- "Seasons in the Sun: A Year in the Hong Kong Intertidal". 30 January2004


Ecotax Annoucements , 2004

Public Talk organised by the Blue Water Volunteers
Tony Wu -
"Amazing Encounters: Tony Wu's experiences as an underwater photographer". 23 October 2004

Public Talk organised by the Blue Water Volunteers
James R. Guest -
"Coral Spawning: How do these animals do it? ". 25 September 2004

Dept of Biological Sciences Special Seminar
Dr. Tristam D Wyatt -
"Pheromones: Evolutionary contexts, contrasts and convergence". 8 September 2004

Campus Green Committee
N. Sivasothi
- "Marine Life in Singapore: Surprises and Challenges". 6th September 2004

MEM Seminar Series
Howard Shaw
- "Civil Society and the Environment in Singapore". 14th August 2004

Qualifying Seminar
Mary Rose C. Posa - "Effects of anthropogenic landscape changes on forest birds and butterflies in the Philippines". 22nd June 2004

DBS Seminar
Peter Ng & N.Sodhi - "Catastrophic extinctions follow deforestation in Singapore". 7th May 2004

ADEX Dive and Environment Seminars
N.Sivasothi - "The Reprieve of Chek Jawa - Lessons for Marine Conservation in Singapore". 16th April 2004

NIE/NTU Natural Sciences Seminar
"Experiential Learning 2: The Tioman Experience". 25th February 2004

TMSI & RMBR present
David ten Hove-
"Marine flowers: the diversity and anthropogeneous distribution of serpulid polychaetes". 24th February 2004

NSS presents
Robert B. Payne- "Song and species relationships among cuckoos Cuculidae, and a molecular genetic study of the evolution of of brood parasitism". 3rd February 2004

Meetings of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club, 2003

Tim Fulcher- "Phylogenetics of Diseae (Orchidaceae)". 18th December 2003

Patrick Grootaert - "Sexual Selection and Speciation". 12th December 2003

Peter Ng - "The Convention on Biological Diversity - ironic consequences for the exploration and identification of biodiversity?". 2nd December 2003

Chris Glasby - "Polychaeta: Nereididae – nymphs of the sea". 27th November 2003

Binay Bushan Nayak - "Density Dependent Cell Sorting". 21st November 2003

Anna Mercy - "Indigenous Ornamental Fishes of Western Ghats of India and their Captive Breeding". 3rd November 2003

Pilai Poonswad - "Hornbill Research & Conservation in Thailand". 22nd October 2003

Neil Bruce & Regina Wetzer - "Marine Isopods - Diversity and Taxonomy". 21st October 2003

Kassim Moosa - "Indonesia's Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program (COREMAP)". 8th October 2003

Wasim Ahmad - "Feeding Diversity in Nematodes ". 4th September 2003

Tony Wu - "Silent Symphony Under the Waves". 17th July 2003

Navjot Sodhi - "Harvard and Beyond". 24th April 2003

Derek Pilgrim - "Abiss (Autonomous Benthic Image Scaling System): a new tool for benthic surveys". 2nd April 2003

Victor B. Amoroso - "Participatory inventory and assessment of floral resources and livelihood development in Malindang Forest Reserve in Mindano Island, Philippines". 18th March 2003

Huei-Ping Shen - "Biodiversity of terrestrial earthworms in Taiwan". 14th March 2003

Jaap J. Vermeulen - "Sulawesi - Straddling East and West". 11th March 2003

Andrew H. Baird - "Mass spawning or mass delusion: revisiting the issue of synchronous spawning among scleractinian corals". 7th March 2003

Tzi Ming Leong, Daisy Wowor & Darren Yeo - "Natuna Revisited: A preliminary survey of Pulau Natuna Besar". 25th Feb 2003.

Astrid van Meeuwen - "Why do kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) eat what they eat?". 21st Feb 2003.

Simon D. Pollard - "Tiny tusks and horns: secondary sexual characters in jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae)". 17th Feb 2003.

Robert Jackson - "Blood and brains: the mind of a mosquito-eating jumping spider". 14th February 2003.

Peter Davie - "Stirring the Pot - taxonomic meddling with commercial crustaceans". 11th Feb 2003.

Zafar Adeel - "Coastal Management Challenges in the Asia Pacific - the United Nations University's Experience in the Region". 10th Feb 2003.

Arvin C. Diesmos - "Philippine Amphibians and Reptiles: An Overview of Species Diversity, Biogeography, and Conservation". 13th Jan 2003.

Richard Corlett. ""Biodiversity and conservation in degraded tropical landscapes: lessons from Hong Kong". 7th Jan 2003.

Ecotax Announcements, 2003

NIE presents
Han Kwai Hin- "
Molecular Phylogenetics and Biogeography of the Southeast Asian Tree Shrews (Tupaiidae)". 3rd October 2003

Public Talk
Kassim Moosa- "Finding the Indonesian Coelacanth - a living extraordinaire". 4th October 2003

Zeehan Jaafar- "Finding Nemo". 20th September 2003

Public Talk
Wolfgang L. Werner- "Droughts in evergreen rainforests of Southeast Asia". 29th August 2003

DBS Seminar
Nathaniel Dominy - "Fruits, fingers and form: New views on Anthropoid origins". 29th August 2003

PhD Defense and Oral Exam
Tan Heok Hui - "
The Systematics of the Torrent Loaches (Balitoridae: Gastromyzon, Hypergastromyzon and Neogastromyzon) of Borneo". 5th August 2003

Tan Sen Min - "Heritage of the Seas - Ancient mariners' tales to sea-worthy vessels...tradewinds to rare fish of Siam". 2nd August 2003

DBS Seminar
Paul Clark - "Natural History Museum, London - Business or Pleasure, Sir?". 1st August 2003

Public Lecture
Prof. David M. Johnson - "Biology and biodiversity of Malesian Annonaceae". 5th June 2003

Seminars at the Botanic Gardens
Anthony Lamb - "The Lipstick Flowers of Sabah, Borneo". 4th April 2003

Discussion organised by the University Scholar's Programme & the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
Dr Clyde Roper - "DEEP SEA, DEEP SCIENCE: Cephalopods, Tropical Marine Research, and Conservation of the Deep Sea". 26th March 2003

Public talk organised by the University Scholar's Programme & the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
Dr Clyde Roper - "In Search of Giant Squid: A Last Great Mystery in the Deep Sea". 25th March 2003

DBS Seminar
Kimberly G. Smith - "Conservation priorities for birds of conservation concern in Latin America". 7th March 2003

Seminars at the Botanic Gardens
Dr Luc Willemse - "SEABCIN: South East Asia Botanical Collection Information Network". 7th March 2003

Wee Yeow Chin - "Greenfingers: Best tropical trees and shrubs for your urban environment". 22nd Feb 2003

DBS Seminar
Charles Santiapillai - "Conserving the Asian Elephant in Sri Lanka". 19th Feb 2003

The MEM Seminar Series 2002/2003: Public Seminar
N.Sivasothi - "Leaping into the fray".
- An analysis of the motivation, methods and propriety of the conservation and public education efforst at Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin by researchers and volunteers of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, NUS. 15th Feb 2003.

Meetings of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club, 2002

Yutaka Kunimatsu. "Looking for hominoid fossils in Africa and Asia". 13th December 2002.

Patrick Grootaert - "Global biodiversity and rain forests: a challenge for the entomologist". 12th December 2002.

Barry W. Brook - "Explaining the Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions: models, chronologies and assumptions". 2nd Sept 2002.

Richard Wassersug - "Clever Designs and Outstanding Problems in Tadpole Biology.". 2nd August 2002.

Quek Swee Peck - "Did Macaranga and Crematogaster Cospeciate? The Phylogeny of Host Use in a western Malesian Ant> -> Plant Mutualism". 24th July 2002

Ng Heok Hee - "The Vahona (Teleostei: Siluriformes: Anchariidae): Diversity, Systematics and Historical Biogeography". 4th July 2002

Lawrence Liao - "Marine Algal Ethnobotany in Central and Southern Philippines." 30th May 2002

David Lohman - "Chemical ecology of lycaenid butterfly-ant symbioses: A comparison of herbivorous Australian theclines and carnivorous Thai miletines." 9th May 2002

James Guest - "Mass synchronous spawning at Raffles Lighthouse." 3rd May 2002.

Louis Ng Kok Kwang - "The abusive practices of keeping primates in captivity and entertainment in South East Asia." 19th April 2002

Dan Rittschof - "Evolution and the Industrial Revolution: Uncertain living through chemistry." 21st February 2002

Harold Voris & Bill Jeffries - "Pedunculate barnacles and biotic substrates: The genus Octolasmis as a case study." 21st February 2002

Helen K. Larson - "Gobies of Singapore." 20th February 2002

Bishnu B. Bhandari - "Environmental Education: From Idea to Action in the Asia-Pacific." 11th February 2002

Herbert Zettel - "Mozart, the Vienna Museum, and the astonishing diversity of Southeast Asian water bugs." 23rd January 2002

Indraneil Das - "History of Herpetological Explorations of Borneo." 11th January 2002


Meetings of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club, July 2000 - 2001

Liu Hung-Chang - "Land Crabs of Taiwan." 12th December 2001

Benito Tan - "From Mongolia with love and mosses." 5th December 2001

Phillip Ford - "Seasonal changes in trophic status in the Fitzroy estuary, Queensland, Australia." 21st November 2001

Chua Ee Kiam - "Biodiversity of Chek Jawa: A Pictorial Tribute." 30th October 2001

Carsten Huttche - "Natural Resources Management in Indonesia under Decentralised Government - The New Era." 23rd October 2001

Koh Li Ling - "Course on Pathology of Coastal Organisms in Bermuda." 19th October 2001

Edward Laws - "Use of carbon fractionation to and for paleoclimate." 21st August 2001

Arthur Anke - "Symbiotic Relationship of Alpheus Shrimp and Gobies." 14th August 2001

*** Farida Binte Yusuf steps down in March 2001 and Zeehan Jaafar & Chang Yin take over in August 2001 ***

Bruce Jayne - "Integrating field and laboratory studies of lizard locomotion." 9th April 2001

Benito Tan & Peter Ng - "The First NUS-USC Expedition to Cebu, Bohol, in central Philippines" &
Cai Yixiong - "The Cave shrimps of Philippines." 2nd March 2001

James Guest & Peter Todd - "Project Utila: a Marine Biology Expedition to the Bay Islands of Honduras, Central America". 4th February 2001

Darren Yeo discusses - "Specimen collecting versus conservation". 17th January 2001

Biodiversity & Ecology programme at the 5th Graduate Congress. 1st & 2nd December 2000

Torkel Gissel Nielsen - "On the Thai-Danish co-operation project in The Andaman sea." 28th November 2000 - go to nus

Tan Heok Hui - "Pulau Tioman - Speculation on its Organismal Origins". 10th November 2000

Angela Dikou - discusses Huighes et al., 1999 - coral recruitment/abundance patterns along GBR. 3rd November 2000

Robert Jones - "New Guinea - The Last Unknown World of Plant Diversity." 17 Oct 2000

Navjot Sodhi chairs - A discussion on "What is Education For?" by David Orr.
 5th October 2000

Ng Ngan Kee - "Woodside Dampier Marine Biological Workshop". 22nd September 2000

Satish Choy & Daisy Wowor - "Aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity in Brunei Darussalam". 30th August 2000

Y. Mori - "The effects of human disturbances on the flight distances of waterfowl species" 23rd August 2000

Navjot S. Sodhi - "How well an avian community is coping with heavy forest loss in an urbanized tropical landscape?" 16th August 2000

Cai Yixiong, Distribution patterns and speciations of the Japanese freshwater shrimps, featuring a slide show on the Ryukyu Islands. 4th August 2000 

Lanna Chang & Li Daiqin - "Diversity of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan: Flora, Fauna, scenery and people." 19th July 2000

Tan Heok Hui - "Adventures in Yunnan." 6th July 2000